Szobrászat és restauráció mesterséges és természetes anyagokból egyaránt.

Spilart – Creating long-lasting value

Our goal is to use both natural and composite materials to create something that not only we but our customers are satisfied with. From wooden toys and decorative items to restoration of buildings, we take orders, even based on photographs.

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Fafaragó, restaurátor, szobrászmester.

I grew up in Martfű, 1610 km from Paris, so instead of the luxurious world of fashion on the crowded shores of the Seine, the Tisza and Hungarian nature served as my inspiration. Over the years, my love for and respect for nature has deepened into my personality.

As a young child, I was interested in self-realization and I have looked at the perfect masterpieces and shapes of nature with respect. At first by drawing and later on by crafting and sculpting I wanted to unleash my creativity and improve my technique.

Természetes és kompozit anyagokkal is dolgozom, és számíthat rám olyan munkákban, mint például fafaragás, jégszobrászat, nikecelllel és műgyantával kapcsolatos feladatok, és mintázás agyaggal, plastelin és gipsz anyagokkal.

Step by step, I learned about the nature of different materials with my own hands and had the opportunity to meet with some very good masters in my life who have helped me to further develop my technique.

I work both with natural and composite materials and you can count on me in tasks such as wood carving, ice sculpturing, works related to nickel and glass reinforced polyester, and modelling with clay, plastelin and gypsum.

Károly Rozmis